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WWE FASTLANE 2017 MARCH 05, 2017 ゴールドバーグが新WWEユニバーサル王者になり、「レッスルマニア」でブロック・レズナーとの王座戦が決定!



The last PPV event "Fast Lane" was held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin before "Wrestle Mania".



◼️ シングル戦

サミ・ゼイン vs サモア・ジョー


Samoa Joe who has promoted from NXT finally debuts PPV match! The opponent is Sami Zayn a name-producing machine. Joe is also a former champion of a skill who has kept the main in NXT, but there seems to be great support from "RAW" fans. There are things such as the main battle for a long time, Joe's condition is quite good, I will decide the technique precisely. At the end is Coquina Clutch (Sleeper Hold), winning the referee stop. Joe's victory is over as I finish. Recently, there are rumors that more push of Sami will be lost, and I am concerned about the future position of Sami.


◼️ RAWタッグ王座戦

カール・アンダーソン & ルーク・ギャローズ vs エンツォ・アモーレ & ビッグ・キャス


Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson defended the Raw Tag Team Championship against Enzo Amore and Big Cass.. Enzo & Cass, the most popular venue, challenges the champion "Club". The end was hit by the heel collaboration of "club", Enzo & Cass' throne crowning may be near soon. The two of "club" are accompanied by a small image called "a powerful small gangster." I'd like to break by increasing the number of members, but I can not read about what the future development will be.


◼️ 女子シングル戦

サシャ・バンクス vs ナイア・ジャックス


WWE's women's department's most powerful and heavy Nia and former 'RAW Women's Champion' are popular but Sasha's single battle with continued injury. Nia overwhelmed the powerful Sasha from the beginning, but Sasha won the game at the end with a Japanese type leg clutch hold of the reverse. The victorious Sasha seems to break into the RAW Women's Throne Battle in a triple thret match against "Wrestle Mania".


◼️ シングル戦

セザーロ vs ジンダー・マハル


Rusev and Jinder Mahal's struggle, both sides separately fought a single battle in this competition. First of all, Jinder Mahal fights with Cesaro. Both of us have a tall and well-balanced flesh, good skill and good wrestler, but Cesaro is Italian Swiss, and Jinder is Indian Canadian and the atmosphere of the venue is not good. Finally Cesaro wins Pinfall with uppercut of the counter. After the game Rusev waited for the next single opponent with rare rush of Jinder, but it was the surprise that appeared there. . . 


◼️ シングル戦

ビッグ・ショー vs ルセフ


A big prize appeared on opponent of Rusev's single game! Ethnic time zone continued frustration, "USA call" exploded very! (Rusev is Bulgarian type by the way) The match is almost a one-side game of a Big Show. From three consecutive chokeslams, Pingfall wins with a KO Punch filled in the corner. Big Show seems to be in good condition, but I am concerned about the thinness of the lower body. It seems that the knees are also firming up in a tight spirit and it seems to be revived as a semi-regular in the future, but I do not want it too much.


◼️ WWEクルーザー級王座戦

ネヴィル vs ジャック・ギャラハー


WWE Cruiserweight Championship, "stable gentleman" Jack Gallagher challenged the stable Neville. In a sense, Neville is "Total Package". It's a wonderful balance. Meanwhile, Gallagher's unique UK flow wrestling is also wonderful. Gallagher 's wrestling is probably, but I imagine that it is close to wrestling of young Yoshiaki Fujiwara. Although it is Gallagher who also plays a showman stately, there is no lie in wrestling in the body, wrestling by shedding blood. Lastly Neville got a victory with the best Moonsart (Red Arrow), but also Gallagher's future game is noteworthy!

◼️ シングル戦

マン・レインズ vs ブラウン・ストローマン


Current conflict Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns. Both Vince McMahon and one of the favorite big power fighters fight single! Right now, Strowman who pushed the most by WWE overwhelmed Reigns, but lastly it was a reversal victory of Reigns by a body press suicide bomb from the top row of Strowman's corner.


◼️ RAW女子王座

ベイリー vs シャーロット・フレアー


Charlotte Flair which is a wrestler of WWE womans division "highest". This tournament is also a wonderful condition. Bayley has become a pretty good player, but Charlotte overwhelms the game. Her father Ric Flair did not even dream that Charlotte would be such a good wrestler. At the end Sasha Banks rushed in, while Charlotte was taken care of by Sasha, Bayley decided on the inside of the ring, Bayley-to-Belly inside the ring and played the throne defense. In "Wrestle Mania" it seems to be Battle of Bayley, Charlotte and Sasha's triple thret throne.

◼️ WWEユニバーサル王座戦

ケビン・オーエンズ vs ゴールドバーグ

ゴールドバーグは長い試合はしない契約なのか、WWE復帰後も短時間の試合しかやっていません。少しでも爪痕を残すためにか、ケビン・オーエンズは試合前なかなかリングに入ろうとせず心理戦を仕掛けます。数分後やっとゴングが鳴った瞬間、クリス・ジェリコが登場。ケビンが気を取られている隙にゴールドバーグがスピアー、ジャックハマーの連発で王座奪取!30秒に満たない超短時間決着でゴールドバーグが新王者に!「レッスルマニア」ではゴールドバーグ vs ブロック・レズナーのWWEユニバーサル王座戦が決定しました。ゴールドバーグのカリスマ性は確かに素晴らしいですが、3分程度は試合をして欲しいものです。

Goldberg is a contract that does not play a long game, but after a return to WWE it is only playing a short game. In order to leave scratches even a little, Kevin Owens pretty much does not try to enter the ring before the game and will set up a psychological warfare. A few minutes later at the moment the gong rang, Chris Jericho appeared. Goldberg takes the throne in the gap where Kevin is distracted with a spear and a Jackhammer repeatedly! Goldberg is the new champion with ultra short time settlement less than 30 seconds! In "Wrestle Mania" Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar's WWE Universal throne match has been decided. The charisma of Goldberg is certainly wonderful, but I want you to play the game for about three minutes.



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