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WWE NXT TAKEOVER: BROOKLYN III AUGUST 19, 2017 女子王者アスカは王座防衛するも骨折で欠場へ。イタミは好試合するも敗北。アダム・コール&レッドラゴンのROH軍が殴り込みNXTとの軍団抗争へ!













今大会最大の注目は、新日本プロレスでも活躍したアダム・コールと、ボビー・フィッシュ、カイル・オライリーの「レッドラゴン」によるNXTへの殴り込み。彼らの乱入劇だけでかなりの時間を割いており、NXTユニバースに存在感を見せつけました。中でもカイル・オライリーの「サイコパス」っぽい雰囲気は際立っていました。今後「NXT vs ROH」の軍団抗争に発展する模様で楽しみです。





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 NXT's big event 'TakeOver' was held at Brooklyn 's Barclays Center in New York, attracting 15,000 large crowds.  


Over 500 days after the throne crown, NXT Women's Champion Asuka, who is renewing her feat in the WWE history of not having defeat yet, defended her championship with Embar Moon.

However, unusually Asuka was pushed by the moon and it was a game development that was a bit weird.

It is certain that Moon is a growing stock, but it was a pretty difficult struggle.

Later Asuka turned out to have broken the collarbone during the game.

If Asuka is missing, the possibility of Moon becoming the next woman's champion is quite high.  


It is Hideo Itami, a sensation that felt a step back from the NXT throne front, but it is a fight with Aleister Black, who is currently selling at NXT.

Matchmaking in America, which is a match between wrestlers selling both kicks and submissions. When losing here, there are no afterwards Itami is overwhelmed with Aleister Black in spirit, but at the end the Aleister Black wins with a reversal spinning heel kick.

I am worried about the future retirement of Itami, but there seems to be rumors of major promotion also in Itami. The rework is expected.  


In the main NXT's champion's battle, challenger Drew McIntyre won the champion Bobby Roode and shined as the new champion.

It feels a bit upsetting, but in fact it seems that the popularity of Bobby Roode has been promoted to major.


The biggest attention now is Adam Cole, who was also active in the New Japan Pro-Wrestling, and the beating of NXT by Bobby Fish, Kyle O'Reilly 's "ReDRagon".

They took a considerable amount of time only with their rush-to-drama and showed their presence in the NXT universe.

Among them, Kyle O'Reilly's "psychopath" -like atmosphere stands out. I am looking forward to develop into a corps conflict of "NXT vs ROH" in future.